Residents have probably noticed the new eye-catching Crime Stopper signs going up in cities and across Ellis County

Shari Phillips, representing Ellis County Crime Stoppers, has been busy distributing the signs to each law enforcement agency in Ellis County.,

“With the help of Milford Police Chief Carlos Phoenix and city councilman Curtis Kaloi, they now have their 20 signs up in their city,” Phillips told the Sun.

The new signs were designed by community relations officer O.T. Glidewell of the Waxahachie Police Department, with the signs all having the insignia of the law enforcement agency where the signs are located. Glidewell is in the process of installing 40 signs throughout Waxahachie and said the new signs have moved Crime Stoppers forward.

“I do believe these signs deter crime,” Glidewell said. “We have lots of new neighborhoods and we are coming up with new ideas to work with Crime Stoppers. We thought the change in the sign would bring more attention than the old sign.”

Many neighborhoods are also wanting to rekindle the Neighborhood Crime Watch Program and classes and meetings are being held with Crime Stoppers to give tips on how to have effective programs, he said.

In addition to helping reduce crime, the Neighborhood Crime Watch Program makes people more aware, allows neighbors to become acquainted with one another and has neighbors looking out for each other, he said.

The Sun also tagged along with Phillips as she met with Chief Deputy Mitch Bartley of the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office where two types of signs were provided, one for residential areas and one for the Ellis County jail.

“I definitely think these signs will deter crimes,” Bartley said. “We will be putting up signs in the phone bank area so they are visible to the inmates. Having these signs visible may allow them to clear their conscience and make a little money if the tip is helpful. Many of the inmates feel they want to do something good.”

Bartley added that having confidentiality helps solve crimes because the person is protected from being named as an informant.

Signs will be installed at the entrances of subdivisions and will follow size guidelines and rules of any homeowners association involved.

In addition to Milford, Waxahachie and the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office receiving the new signs, Phillips is working with Maypearl Chief of Police Brad Hendricks to get that community’s 20 signs installed, Ennis interim Chief of Police David Anthony with installing 40 signs and Midlothian Police community services officer Scott Hughes to get 40 signs installed.

The Ellis County Crime Stoppers has a P3 Tips app where tips can be submitted. The tips go to the Crime Stoppers call center in LaPorte, Texas, with those then forwarded to the proper agency.

Reporting a tip is confidential, with payouts made through the Citizens National Bank downtown branch where identification and a special code are presented.

Further information on Crime Stoppers of Ellis County or how to join Crime Stoppers can be found on its Facebook page, its website or by telephone 972-937-7297. Non-emergency number for the Waxahachie Police Department is 469-309-4400; the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office is 972-937-6060.

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