To fund its desire to help others, the Love Your Neighbor ministry of Waxahachie Bible Church has opened a new thrift store on College Street. The ministry purchased Port Horizon Thrift Store, with the business now named Love Your Neighbor Thrift Store. Proceeds from the sales of items will help the ministry fund its various projects.

“The ministry has grown over the past year, and the store will provide even more opportunities to serve not only the city but the whole of Ellis County,” pastor Bruce Zimmerman said. “We have done a number of things this last year.

“At the schools, we gave out pencils with Love Your Neighbor on them to every kid,” he said. “We did a special appreciation dinner during COVID for foster parents. Then we did steak dinners for our parks and recreation department, our water and sewer people, and all of the WISD bus drivers. We just did a barbeque dinner for the farmers and ranchers of Ellis County.

“We did several appreciation things to recognize people that normally don’t get recognized,” he said. “We just want to love on them and share the hope and promise of God’s word with them.”

The Love Your Neighbor ministry works with local businesses to have scriptures placed in stores and with residents to place yard signs across the county. The new store will provide a continued source of funding, so the ministry can assist with community needs and other projects.

The store is stocked with everything ranging from clothing and housewares to small appliances, decorative items, toys, and electronics.

“The main front room is all clothing,” Zimmerman said. “Right now, we are doing all summer clothing. We have sorted it all out. It is all sized now, displayed, and racked according to sizes. It is all used clothing, and it is all blanket pricing. It is the same price for all clothing items whether it’s a blouse, tops, pants, or shoes.

“The next room is children’s toys and clothing, books, and videos,” he said. “The last room is housewares and decorative items, dishes, and plates.”

Zimmerman said some small furniture is available for purchase; however, no donations of large furniture are accepted due to lack of space.

The store is open from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Wednesday-Saturday. Purchases can be made with cash or credit cards. Donations of items are taken during business hours, and people who wish to volunteer at the store can stop by for more information.

The Love Your Neighbor Thrift Store is located inside Glenn’s Warehouse Carpets at 301 N. College Street. The staff at the store can be reached at 214-463-5519. Information about the Love Your Neighbor ministry can be found at

Love Your Neighbor Thrift Store Prices (blanket prices)

Paperback Books – $0.50

Hardback Books – $1

Hats – $2

Ties/belts – $1

Wallets – $2

Purses – $3

All clothing – $2.50 each piece (tops, bottoms, shoes, pajamas, suit coats, dresses)

Pillows – $3

Sheets – $2

Throws – $3

Blankets – $4

Comforters – $5

Small appliances – $5

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