Weather changes signal to homeowners that more time will be spent in the yard performing back-breaking labor like raking and bagging up leaves. Waxahachie company Leaf It To Us gives time back to residents by sucking those leaves away. 

Business co-owner Billy Vest notes that raking leaves can be a task that consumes an entire day or weekend. Leaf It To Us uses equipment, however, that significantly diminishes the time spent. 

“Instead of raking up all your leaves in a pile, bagging them and then figuring out where you need to haul them off to, we come and blow all of your leaves to the front curb,” Vest said. “Then we have a machine with a 10- or 12-inch hose that hooks up – and it literally sucks the leaves into our trailer and into a mulcher. Then it mulches the leaves into another compartment in the trailer.”

Leaf It To Us’ 16-foot trailer has generated “a lot of interest” from people when he’s out working a job, Vest said. At times, this curiosity has led to additional work orders. 

“It’s funny because nobody has seen anybody pull a trailer and suck leaves right out of their yard,” Vest said. “Usually when we do one yard, we do get the neighbor’s yard because they will be out there raking it. They will look over at us and be like ‘oh my gosh’ and ‘can you do mine?’ ”

Work on the front and back of an average to medium-sized yard can take about an hour to complete; the cost depends on the size of the yard. Free estimates are given either in person or by texting Vest photos of the property. The cost can be lowered if a resident already has everything raked up to the street for removal. 

“We talked with a guy the other day and he had a major pile of leaves,” Vest said. “I asked, ‘How long is it going to take you to rake that up (into bags)?’ He said about three hours. I said, ‘What if we could have it done in 20 minutes?’ He said, ‘I would call you a liar.’

“We got the trailer and got over there and had it all done in 20 minutes,” Vest said. “It saved the guy three hours of work.”

Vest said he and his co-owner look forward to serving residents in both Ellis and Erath counties – and taking care of their yards’ needs. 

For more information about Leaf It To Us, contact staff members at 254-967-1783. Additional information can be found on the company’s official Facebook page by searching for Leaf It To Us.

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