Senior year of high school is supposed to be one of the best years in a teen’s life. It is filled with sporting events, dances, college admissions prep and making sweet memories with the friends, while savoring the last months of life as a “kid.”

As cities across America began to shelter in place as more people became ill, the nation had to find a new way to function – and day to day life took on a new form. Work-from-home became common, the terms “essential” and “social distancing” are now everyday vernacular and distance learning became the new way to learn for students in schools everywhere. It wasn’t an easy transition for many and they have struggled to cope with their new realities.

High school seniors suddenly faced bleak futures of quarantine, no friends and trying to finish out their school years online, completely devoid of the traditional senior rites of passage. Hopes of one final game, one final goodbye to favorite teachers, prom, walking across the stage in front of 100s of people for gradation, all drifted away.

It is because of this harsh new reality, that several community members decided to do something about it. And the collaboration of Brittney Wesley, owner of Life’s Enchanted Moments Photo & Film LLC, David Whitman owner of DW Group and Point Event Center, and Katie Vargas, owner of Twist and Shout Balloons, offers high school seniors something to look forward to in these uncertain times.

On Saturday, May 16, The Point Event Center will host Drive-In Prom photos. The free event is open to all seniors who will be missing prom and who make a reservation. It will feature an elegant balloon wall backdrop and professional photographer, where seniors can come dressed in what they would have worn to prom, and have their photos taken.

“We wanted a free and safe way, that meets all the legal regulations, for these seniors to get just a little bit back from all that they are missing out on,” Wesley said. “They will be able to get dressed up in their prom attire and get a professional picture taken on a gorgeous backdrop created by Katie.”

Appointments will be in 15-minute segments, with Wesley saying, “We are unsure at the exact amount at this time but it is booking fast!”

Asked what he hoped seniors would gain from this, Whitman said, “A wonderful keepsake that they will cherish for years to come.”

“We wanted something for seniors to look forward to,” Vargas told the Sun. “Something to get dressed up for during their senior year.”

For available times and to sign up, visit

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