Ugly Heifer Grill

2498 FM 66

Waxahachie, TX 75167

Lunch for 2 was $35 including appetizer and drinks.

There is a new hamburger place in town (kinda). The Ugly Heifer Grill just opened up on FM 66 across from Scarborough Faire. If you haven’t been out that way lately, a lot has changed. You can’t miss Ugly Heifer; they have a bright green color scheme to catch your attention.

Walking inside everything is brand new, looks clean, smells clean and is very welcoming. We were greeted at the door and pointed to the counter where the orders are placed. They did mention that they plan to change to a full-service model with wait staff soon. I noticed all of the employees were wearing face masks and the ones in the kitchen were wearing gloves too. It’s clear that they are concerned with cleanliness and the health of the staff and customers.

The menu is on TV monitors on the wall; at first glance it’s a lot to take in but the gentleman waiting on us was helpful with suggestions. We ordered fried pickles for an appetizer and were given choices on ranch dipping sauce between the regular and jalapeño ranch. He helped me decide on the Ugly Heifer on an onion bun and I added bacon to it. Fries are included with the burgers. I added a fountain drink to round it all out.

Even though you place your order at the counter, the staff were very attentive to our refill needs. The fountain drinks offered are from Oak Cliff Beverage Works, an independent soft drink company from Oak Cliff that provides sodas made with real sugar. I, for one, drink a lot of fluids throughout the day and especially at mealtime. I guess I’m used to the traditional big names when it comes to fountain drinks. I tried their version of Coke Zero, Dr Pepper and root beer. None of them tasted right to me but the root beer was the best of the three. Next time I will drink water or try the tea.

The fried pickles came out pretty quick. They were hot and fresh and had a nice flavor. The portion was plenty to share between 2-3 people. I couldn’t taste any noticeable difference in the regular ranch or the jalapeño ranch. I did notice that both had a different flavor than what I was expecting but I couldn’t nail it down to one ingredient. All in all, I would do the fried pickles again in a heartbeat.

The burgers arrived and they were HUGE. The presentation was nice: big burger, lots of fries! My burger was exactly how I wanted it and there was literally bacon everywhere. The bacon add on was $1 and was well worth it! Nice thick bacon with a good smokey flavor. The burger and onion bun had great flavor as well and I couldn’t finish it all. I would definitely order the burger and fries again.

I wish I had saved room for dessert as it looked amazing but I was stuffed! If you find yourself wanting a burger for lunch or dinner, don’t hesitate to give them a try. The prices were fair and the portions are generous. I will be taking the family there soon. If I could change just one thing, I would want traditional soda brands.

Longtime Waxahachie resident Danny Knight is a small business owner and member of the Waxahachie Police Department. To make suggestions on where he should dine next for a review, message him through the Dinner with Danny Facebook page or email

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