Business ownership can be lonely but not for Waxahachie Chamber members! One of the coolest parts about joining the chamber is the friends you make.

Through promoting and networking with each other – rolling up your sleeves and building local business together – the chamber gives its members a keen sense of pride and belonging.

When you join the chamber of commerce, you tap into a thriving community of individuals committed to bettering themselves and each other.

You’re invited to join its thriving network of entrepreneurs today. Visit to submit your membership application!

Bluebonnet BBQ & Events recently joined the Waxahachie Chamber at the President’s Council level and shares about their experience as Ellis County business owners and chamber members here:

“We opened Bluebonnet BBQ & Events July 1, 2020. Katie grew up in Ellis County and Collin wasn’t too far away in Navarro County. We met and got married at church in Waxahachie and have since lived in Ellis County growing our family and our businesses here.

“Collin has had a passion for barbecue his entire life. Food has been that ‘thing’ that no matter what else happened in life, it was constant ... and it was always good. Bluebonnet BBQ’s recipes mainly come from Collin’s parents and grandparents and are the food he grew up with, that he now shares with Ellis County. To us, opening our kitchen to our neighbors and friends has been a very special experience.

“We love that the chamber offers us a way to meet more of the community and make connections with others who may not have just walked through our door. The staff has been great to work with and go out of their way to make sure they meet each business’ unique needs.”

If you have yet to enroll for chamber membership, you can enroll online at

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