Last week, the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce opened its physical office again to visitors, while continuing to observe social distancing.

This past week, the Waxahachie Chamber hosted an engaging virtual road show on its Facebook page, touring town and informing the community on the various businesses opening with new protocols.

“Right now, the Waxahachie Chamber is navigating the complicated process of re-opening the business community. We are working to spread the word that the economy is not the antithesis of public health. Both can co-exist safely and prosperously together. Waxahachie is open for business and we hope to make sure businesses owners and citizens know that they will find an open door and open hearts at the Chamber. We stand ready to support and uplift Waxahachie as we rebound from COVID-19,” says chamber President Sandy King.

As businesses are reopening, the chamber’s Green Coat Ambassadors program is revitalized as well – with veteran chamber members mentoring new members to help them navigate their first year and maximize their membership investment. The Green Coats are also finalizing the distribution of The Waxahachie Guide to strategic locations around town.

The Waxahachie Chamber was happy to accept several new members into their organization during the shelter in place – proving once again how relevant chamber membership is during these times.

With a tremendous audience of well over 20,000 in total between its membership and online following – the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce remains one of the most powerful community leader organizations making a difference for local business in Ellis County.

Now, the Waxahachie Chamber is focusing its efforts on supporting local business through its #hachierebound – encouraging everyone to especially focus their support on local restaurants and “mom and pops” that have so much to do with making Waxahachie the special town that it is.

Here’s a word from Chamber member Irene Chomicki, owner of Bricks4Kidz in Ellis County:

“Bricks 4 Kidz® began in January 2016! However, my God story began before that! My husband and I moved to Waxahachie back in 2007 from a suburb of Denver, Colorado, where we met, married in our late 30s and had two sons. Soon after moving here, God moved me to become a 4-H Club manager and to start the All-4-Him 4-H Club in Ellis County. Next, God showed me the 3 Ps: Projects, Passion and Profession. I encouraged 4-H children to try different projects to discover their passion, potentially leading them to their profession! Because of the 3 Ps and my STEM background as a computer programmer for 15 years, I believe that God wanted me to bless the children, parents and grandparents of Ellis County with Bricks 4 Kidz®, a STEM children’s franchise that uses LEGO® bricks. The best part for me is when children successfully build their models! The look of joy and self-confidence on their faces encourages me to keep building my reach to as many children as possible with this program! The Waxahachie Chamber gives me the support, training, and networking that allows me to keep growing with Ellis County and to keep giving God ALL the glory!”

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for chamber events, both virtual and in-person, below:

The Drawing Room Salon Ribbon Cutting – June 12 at 1 p.m. at the Drawing Room Salon

Super Sliders Ribbon Cutting – June 26 at 3 p.m. at Super Sliders

Marble Slab & Great American Cookies Ribbon Cutting – June 29 at 4 p.m. at Marble Slab & Great American Cookies

Enroll for chamber membership at!

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