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The final month of 2020 is here, and the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce would like to congratulate all of you. We have ALMOST made it through questionably one of the most trying years in which nobody was prepared for. Face masks, social distancing, unplanned financial hardships, job loss, hunting down toilet paper like a “Golden Ticket” to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and mastering Zoom calls doesn’t even scratch the surface of describing the learning curve we were all hit with. Despite the numerous hardships, we are blessed to be here and have truly seen what we are made of.

That being said, on behalf of the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce, we would like to highlight our healthcare workers who have provided round-the-clock care and devoted countless hours to ensuring the health of our community members while putting their own health and their loved one’s health at risk. Thank you for being our everyday heroes! Your dedication is commendable.

Events Next Week:

Dec. 3 – Speed Lead Luncheon (Chamber Members Only): Super Sliders (12PM)

1313 W. Main St Waxahachie, TX 71565

Dec. 3 – Ribbon Cutting: Studio 77 Salon & Spa (4:30PM)

3390 N. HYW 77 Waxahachie, TX 75165

Dec. 4 – Ribbon Cutting: The English Merchant’s Parlour (4:30PM)

109 N. Rogers Waxahachie, TX 75165

Chamber Member Spotlight: Ellis County Art Association

With a 62-year long history of providing local artists an outlet and social circle, the Ellis County Art Association settled into its most recent home, Art on the Square, around five years ago. Vice president of the association, Dave McSpadden, stated that the ECAA was founded in January 1958 and “began meeting in rotation in various home of like-minded local artists.” Within the first 21 years of its establishment, the ECAA reorganized as a nonprofit organization in Texas and was granted IRS status as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

“Through word-of mouth conversations, many local citizens realized there was a large interest from artists and supports of the arts who wanted to share their interest,” McSpadden said. The interest was indeed there as membership has yet to cease in growth starting with the original 22 artists to the now more than 100. McSpadden shared that his favorite part of being involved in the ECAA is that it provides “the opportunity to give local artist a gallery venue in which to share their work with the public in a high-quality gallery setting … and the chance to provide unique works of art and promote the arts to the general public through both the gallery, classes and regular events.”

At any given time, the gallery showcases up to 250 original works of art made by ECAA members, which include paintings, photography, sculptures, china painting, hand-crafted jewelry and more. McSpadden noted that each artist who has their work(s) showcased at the gallery is to volunteer four hours a month per piece of art they are showcasing. Meaning, the members not only keep the gallery full and teach classes – they are also the ones working when you stop in!

“The Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce is an invaluable resource for collaboration, messaging and promotion of both our unique business and the vitality and quality of life in our business community,” McSpadden said. 

Art on the Square is located on 113 W. Franklin St. Waxahachie, TX 75165. A representative of the ECAA can be reached at the gallery’s phone number 972-937-3414 or by email at

To find out more about chamber membership, visit

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