Residents and visitors to Waxahachie have a new place to beat the heat, cool down and chill out. Chill Zero has a variety of tasty frozen options that range from homemade ice cream and popsicles to shakes and sundaes.

Chill Zero representative Nazir Moosa said the business has sought to recreate the neighborhood ice cream parlor atmosphere. He noted that, while commercial ice cream is great, having the homemade touch is what separates them from competitors.

“There are two ways of doing it,” he said. “You either can make the ice cream yourself or you can work with a local person in the area. We contracted with Henry’s Ice Cream up in Plano. They have a major following.

“We talked with Henry’s and we were able to get our ice cream from them,” Moosa said. “We all went up and sampled all of the flavors they had and said this would be the perfect mix for us.”

In fact, Henry’s is in the process of creating three unique flavors of ice cream for Chill Zero, Moosa said, noting that one of the flavors will feature chocolate, while the other two will be fruit-based.

According to Henry’s website, the ice cream is made from a 16-percent butterfat mix from Schepps Dairy, with flavors, fruits and other natural ingredients added in to complete the product.

Along with its ice cream, Chill Zero is becoming known for the homemade popsicles it makes on-site.

“One of the things that nobody does is we have our own popsicle factory,” Moosa said. “We use all-natural ingredients. It is made with pure cane sugar and has no additives, no preservatives, no flavor enhancers. We do cream-based popsicles and fruit-based popsicles. We have a cookies n’ cream, s’mores, mango, strawberry, passion fruit. Those have really taken off.

“You can buy them individually or by the box, which is 12 popsicles,” he said. “We make them fresh here three days a week. They are not made by a factory and not shipped in. That is the difference with having a local presence. Good flavor, good food and all-natural ingredients.”

Chill Zero also offers elote cups, fruit cups, mango on a stick, agus frescas in watermelon, melon and pineapple flavors, shakes and sundaes.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, Chill Zero has seating available to customers outside during good weather conditions. Seating inside will return at a later date. The store also plans to add a rewards card.

Since opening three weeks ago, Moosa said he feels the store has received a positive reception from residents.

Chill Zero is open from noon-10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday and from noon-11 p.m. Friday-Saturday and is located in the Waxahachie Marketplace Shopping Center at 1620 N. U.S. Highway 77 in Waxahachie. For more information, visit its official Facebook page, its website at or call 214-980-1939.

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