Shaved ice, smoothies, fruit cups and much more will be on the menu at the new Bahama Buck’s set to open this March or April. The store will be located at 2761 U.S. Highway 77, across from Cancun’s Amerimex Restaurant.

Owner Marc Roux said he looked into franchising with Bahama Buck’s after seeing how much his son loved its frozen treats.

“We found Bahama Buck’s because my oldest son would always pursue their kind of snow cones,” Roux told the Sun. “The closest one is in Mansfield. He and his friends would drive out to Mansfield on a random Tuesday or Wednesday night to get one of these snow cones. They are that good.

“So, we looked into franchising with Bahama Buck’s and got awarded with this franchise for this market,” he said.” They were after this market and wanted to pursue the Waxahachie market. So, it was a perfect kind of marriage there.”

Bahama Buck’s is known for its shaved ice, which has a light and airy taste to it, according to the company’s website. To top off a shaved ice, people can choose from more than 91 of Bahama Buck’s proprietary gourmet flavors.

Bahama Buck’s is also known for its Frostalattes, which is made with a private blend of Kona coffee. Other menu items include smoothies, freshly squeezed frozen or iced lemonades and its Paradise Fruit cup, which is mixed fruit or a blend of fresh strawberries and bananas.

“We are excited about it,” Roux said. “One of the things that I am looking forward to is just being able to have an opportunity to be fun in a place that is not as a stressful environment as my primary occupation.

“Probably I will dabble a little bit behind the counter,” he said. “I am usually off on Friday afternoons. So, Friday afternoons and Sunday evenings you will probably see some of our family members behind the counter too.”

Roux is constructing two 5,000 square foot buildings on the site. Construction on the first building, which will house Bahama Buck’s and another business, has started, with work crews doing the trenching for the electrical and plumbing. The shell of the first building should be completed, weather permitting, by February, with finish out of the building estimated at four to six weeks with the opening then in March or April. The outside of the building will have a mixture of tile and brick complemented by metal awnings.

“We are going to do the project in two phases,” Roux said. “Once I get 50 percent of the project leased then I will start phase two. There will be two to three tenants in each building depending on the tenant,” Roux said. “We are trying to get a good front anchor tenant in that front building with me. A restaurant is preferred because it is a natural marriage between a dessert shop and a restaurant.”

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