Atelier Antiques owner Andrea Calvery’s vision is coming to life, one step at a time, as she transforms the former My Father’s House antique store into a place where several avenues of creativity are coming together under one roof alongside the antiques.

It was in September 2019 that Calvery purchased the business as a way to combine her love of antiques and art. The business’ new name reflects that combination as Atelier means an artist’s studio. Calvery herself is an accomplished photographer and has set up her studio within the historic building as well.

She remembers parking in front of the historic building when going to downtown Waxahachie and having an “overwhelming feeling” about its possibilities. “One day, while standing with friends, I told them about my vision and they said they had the same dream to make this a place for antiques and artists,” she said. “It is for antiques and artisans, which I think are one and the same.”

Part of her vision for Atelier Antiques has been to have a place where artists could paint – and her initial thought of “wouldn’t it be cool if they could lay out their backdrop and paint?” led to Atelier’s first hosted event Sunday featuring an artist painting live.

For that first hosting, Calvery invited Adriana Holland to set up her easel and discuss her work as she created a new piece of art on site.

“I’ve been an artist since I was little,” Holland shared with the Sun. “I picked up a pencil when I was 2 years old. I did mostly pencil and charcoal drawing before I moved to paint. My first painting was when I went to college and I’ve done paint since then.”

Since moving to paints, her favorite medium has been that of acrylic.

“I’m slightly impatient,” she said. “It dries fast and I can move on. And if I need to, I can cover it up quickly.”

For the past few months, her interest has been on painting clouds.

“I’ve been taking pictures of clouds every time I go out,” said Holland, noting that the cloud photo she was painting from was taken outside the Atelier Antiques building. “I love clouds because, when I look up, clouds are so huge and I feel smaller, but there is nothing overwhelming.”

Sunday’s hosted live painting won’t be the last for Atelier Antiques.

“We will start having artists doing their thing live so people can watch, learn and enjoy,” Calvery said. “It has been my anthem for the past year; creativity is the highest form of the divine nature of God. I love art and that is how I worship God.”

It’s also just another step toward Calvery’s final vision for Atelier Antiques.

“We have figured out that we want part of the building to be a lounge to encourage people to come in, hang out, enjoy free wifi and drink coffee,” she said. “At some point we will put in a coffee shop and an art house so it will be fine art and coffee.”

Atelier Antiques is located at 308 S. Rogers St.

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