Employees, supporters and community leaders turned out Thursday to mark a major milestone for one of Waxahachie’s home-grown industries. Americase opened the doors of its new location at 6200 N. Interstate Highway 35E with a grand opening that also celebrated its 35 years in business.

Americase was founded by Bill Kinsala, who started out building custom gun cases in his garage. Over time, the company has grown to where it designs and manufactures commercial heavy-duty cases for any type of transportation. Americase’s customers include the military, airlines, educational facilities, electronics manufacturers, oil and gas wireline services, entertainers, promotional display companies and hazardous material transporters.

Bill Kinsala’s son, Americase CEO Robby Kinsala, said the anniversary represents a proud moment for the company.

“Bill is extremely proud and has a great legacy,” the younger Kinsala said. “He did a fantastic job starting the company. It has grown, increased, improved and innovated to newer levels every year. I am super excited for the opportunity to be a part of a great organization and I’m looking forward to the many great years to come.”

Over the years, the company has passed a number of milestones in its growth – and it continues to grow by opening up new doors around the globe.

In December 2018, Americase found the opportunity to expand its operations with the purchase of the old Rock Tenn facility on I-35E. The 100,000 square foot facility allowed the company to move all of its operations under one roof and also have space for the future.

Manufacturing at the new facility started in January 2019.

Americase COO James Egloff said the previous location on U.S. Highway 287 Business, which contained about 10,000 square feet, had served the company’s needs for many years; however, as growth occurred, the company was experiencing limits with the building.

“The space was so confined that we would take larger products out,” he said. “We would literally spend an hour in the morning pulling stuff out so that we could manufacture (and) then spend an hour in the evening putting it back because there was not enough space. That was everything from getting raw materials in, work in progress and finalized product before it ships.

“By having this (new) facility, it really allows us to grow and create an extremely efficient manufacturing process,” he said. “Therefore, profitability increases and lead time decreases. It has radically changed how we do business. The nice part is we had the processes in place before we moved here and then, having the facility, we can maximize that.”

Americase has “come a long way” and is a leader in the industry with the cases it produces, he said, noting that will continue.  

“The term that we use here, and it started with, was ‘world class,’ ” he said. “Years ago, we started with Waxahachie touching the world. That was fun for us to say because you could go to other continents like Australia or Asia and see one of our cases. We are very proud of that.

“Now, when you look at our vision and mission statement, the whole notion is more,” he said. “When we look at it, we say we are going to build quality cases and high-quality cases and deliver them to our customers on time. More importantly, we look at our vision and we are more than just a company, we impact people. We want to make sure that our employees are impacted, our vendors are impacted and our partners are impacted. We really want to make a difference.”

For more information about Americase and its products, go to its website at www.americase.com. Americase facility is at 6200 N. I-35E in Waxahachie.

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