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The Waxahachie City Council unanimously approved a new development that will allow for industrial, residential and retail uses to be built on a 125-acre site at its Monday night meeting.

The Planning and Zoning Commission voted 5-1 at its Oct. 13 meeting to recommend the project for approval to the council.

“Before you this evening is a mixed-use planned development,” city planning director Shon Brooks said. “The existing zoning is commercial and planned development commercial. This is at the southwest corner of U.S. 287 and I-35. With this development would be a corporate logistic center that would be either an end-user delivery center, cold storage or a data center as well as multi-family and commercial retail here along the frontage as well.”

Brooks said the applicant in the multi-family component of the project requested 24 dwelling units per acre, whereas the zoning ordinance allows for 18. The project would have a total of 346 dwelling units.

Ninety percent of the multi-family apartment units will be two bedrooms or less, zoning documents state, noting that the developer would have a minimum of 30% attached garages and 20% as carports. The city’s ordinance requires 50% attached garages for multi-family development.

A hotel is also proposed for the property.

The maximum height for the corporate campus would be limited to four stories, with retail at two stories, hospitality at five stories and multi-family at three stories.

According to documents submitted to the city, 80% of the acreage or square footage of the proposed development is non-residential with the remaining 20% to be allocated for residential. A similar type of development is the city of Southlake’s Town Center.

The development will include a system of roadways, utility, drainage and pedestrian improvements.

The project includes several phases. Phase one will consist of the design and construction of infrastructure of items such as roadways and utilities and is anticipated to take 12-24 months. The second phase, which could overlap with the first phase, is the permitting and construction of the corporate logistics campus. The retail, commercial and multi-family residential component phases are to be determined.

The 1.3 acres located in the industrial zoned portion of the development will remain as open space and will feature a trail system that connects the commercial, residential and logistics campus elements. It will also have the ability to connect to future developments around it.

A dedicated site plan for the project has to be submitted to the city within three years.

“I think that the applicant has brought an unconventional thought to the site and something that will work for the community as well as the site and benefit us long term for a good bit of time,” Brooks said. “I do make the recommendation for approval.”

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