Waxahachie Police officers are gearing up for another year of their First Responders Trunk or Treat event, which is set to take place Tuesday, Oct. 29, at the police department. To help make the event successful for kids young and old, the department is in need of candy donations.

Community service officer O.T. Glidewell said the reason last year’s event drew so many people is that it provided a safe environment where children could have fun while getting to know local first responders. This year, the department is looking to do a drive-thru haunted gauntlet to keep the event fresh and exciting

“So, this year we are going to do something more along the lines of a stay in your vehicle type event like how they do the Christmas lights and you drive through,” he said. “When they pull into the police department, in that fenced in area, we are going to have all of the first responders and the vehicles lined up right there.

“As the vehicles go through, the officers or firefighters will approach the vehicle,” he said. “They can talk to them and interact with them and give them their candy.”

The Avenue Church is a sponsor of the event and will have about 50 people on hand, with some serving as actors in the gauntlet while others will help make and give out free hotdogs and drinks to visitors.

After the vehicles leave the line of first responders, they will enter the haunted gauntlet, which will have some spooky Halloween elements and themes but nothing gory or grotesque. Smoke machines will be used to enhance the experience.

“We are making it where it is toned down and family friendly,” Glidewell said. “It is for those kids that their parents might not want to take them to one of those big scary hunted houses that scare the bejesus out of them. We are not trying to scare them and that is not the impression that we want to make.

“They will go through the haunted gauntlet and, at the end, we will have police officers, our MRAP and the fire department’s ladder truck. They will just basically tell them goodbye, thank them for coming and leave them on a happy note.”

Glidewell describes the event as “a little different” than the average trunk or treat event – and hopes it will provide residents with a memorable experience they will talk about for years to come.

Anyone with questions about the event can contact Glidewell though his department email at oglidewell@waxahachiepd.org. Candy donations can be dropped off at the Waxahachie Police Department at 630 Farley St.

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