Waxahachie High School CTE students from the Career & Technical Student Organization, Technology Student Assocaiation, represented Waxahachie ISD at the North Central Texas TSA Regional Leadership Conference in Waxahachie in October.  

Technology Student Association serves students enrolled in CTE courses aligned with these six career clusters: Arts, Audio-Video Technology and Communication; Architecture and Construction; Business, Management and Administration; Information Technology; Manufacturing; and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Participants enjoy the experience of applying classroom and laboratory lessons in hands on activities or competitive events.

Students participated in leadership activities led by the Waxahachie High School TSA officer team. Guided by the Student Leadership Challenge principles under this year’s theme of “Inspire a Shared Vision,” the officers facilitated members’ participation in several activities:

• Animate the Vision.

• Ping Pong Bucket– where teams worked to get all of the balls in the buckets as fast as they could, while competing against the other teams.

• Imagine the Possibilities.

• Knock Down – facing adversity while trying different ideas to solve the same problem.

• Appeal to Common Ideals.

• Paper Towels Down the Runway – problem solving as a team while listening to your team members’ ideas.

Students also participated in a study session where they learned about the history of Texas TSA and found a common purpose for being a member of the organization. At the end of the study session, the Texas Lone Star Test was administered and 41 students successfully passed, which is a record number number for WHS.  

The new format of holding the WHS Leadership Conference during the school day and making the CTSO intra-curricular to students’ classes was a huge success for all students involved.  

Students that will receive his or her Lone Star pin are:

• ninth grade – Judson Willett, Joseph Jimenez, Ariana Major, Aaron Schroeder, Tyler Averett, Ethan Schroeder, Hayden Fulp, Tait Warsing, Aaron Dean, Corey King

• 10th grade – Cesar Jacobo, Nicole Holmberg, Landon Davis, Chris Strength, William Leatherman, Jorge Flores, Dhruval Rangrej, Andrew Mestyanek, William Leonhardt, Cade Ferry, Heath Milliken, Paxol Jaure, Gavin Noe, Logan Jones, Braden Nance, Zander Martinez, Yirel Borunda, Michaela Tillery

• 11th grade – Hunter Walker, Emma Smithey, Luke McClain, Cade Stockman, Chrestien Lacey, Clyde Melick, Hunter Lindsey, Bryanna Strickland, Ernesto Casas, Samuel Burkhalter, Omar Castillo, David Ensinia

12th grade – Zachary Vincent

Next up for members will be the State Leadership Conference in Kerrville in early December.  

“TSA would like to thank the community of Waxahachie for your continued support,” a spokesman said.

Waxahachie ISD CTE offers a comprehensive Career Tech Education program for Waxahachie ISD and area students. Find more information by visiting Facebook @waxhachiecte and Twitter @WISD_CTE.

For more information about TSA events at WHS, call 972-923-4614 or contact Shyla Vire at svire@wisd.org or James Parker at japarker@wisd.org.

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