Mike Snider is a faithful volunteer who spends two days a week at Waxahachie CARE. He also volunteers at Manna House in Midlothian two days and Children’s Hospital in Dallas one day a week. In his spare time, he may volunteer a Saturday with North Texas Food Bank in Plano.

When asked what drives him to do this he said that he had a stroke a few years ago that left him totally paralyzed on his right side. Shortly after, he experienced a battle with depression and brokenness. At some point during his rehabilitation he decided this was not going to get the best of him.

He admits his stubbornness is what carried him through his motivation to overcome. When he started rehab, he always went above and beyond what was asked. If told to do 10 reps he did 20. One day he even dragged his feet in the pool until they bled.

As soon as he was able, he returned to North Texas Food Bank to see if he could continue to volunteer there. At first, he could not even lift a can. The struggle to do anything was great but he found that working a pallet jack handle by hand re-awoke his arm. So he began to use the pallet jack every given opportunity. Soon he was pushing it everywhere.

After eight months of rehab, Mike decided he would start volunteering five days a week at different nonprofits. If the nonprofits could provide the food, he would provide a service to help feed hungry people. Realizing how blessed his life has been, feeding people soon became his passion.

Mike worked 25 years with UPS and retired as a manager. He has volunteered for the last 16 years and admits had he not had the stroke he probably would not be where he is now.

Mike knows all this will end someday but, until then, he plans to keep on volunteering. He knows if he quits all the progress he has made will be lost so why not keep on going? If ever there was a hometown hero here he is but what town? Let’s just say the North Texas area.

THANK YOU, MIKE. Your service to our communities is such an inspiration and proves that we can overcome anything we put in our mind to do.

The Waxahachie Sun welcomes the opportunity to showcase our community’s volunteers. Nonprofits are invited and encouraged to send a writeup and photo of the volunteer they want to see spotlighted in the Sun to info@waxahachiesun.com.

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