Meals on Wheels North Central Texas is calling for immediate donations of masks, hand sanitizing wipes/gels and monies as the COVID-19 situation and safety regulations continue through April 30.

Committed to the wellbeing of the community by serving “the children of yesterday,” MOW delivers meals to the elderly in Ellis, Johnson and Navarro counties. Since the elderly are among the most vulnerable when it comes to COVID-19, MOW officials said they took immediate action to ensure their clients’ safety while continuing operations.

“We have transitioned to once a week delivery of five pack frozen total meal service and a seven-pack emergency meal box (shelf-stable meals) and we will continue this emergency meal box as funding permits,” MOW North Central Texas executive director Christine Hockin-Boyd said.

Another precaution MOW has taken has been to discontinue its volunteer program for the time being and work through its staff only.

“It has caused sadness for the clients and volunteers, who enjoy visiting with each other, but safety is MOW’s No. 1 priority right now and the lack of contact reduces the chance of exposure,” she said.

The reduced manpower has come with several challenges, however.

As an example, instead of having 40-plus daily volunteers to help serve the 346 senior MOW members located across Ellis County’s 952 square meals, the MOW office in the area must continue the same care through the six members it has on staff.

“It is a stretch,” Hockin-Boyd said. “The staff members are constantly driving around and delivering meals, even with the single weekly deliveries, but they are making it work as best they can so our elderly can continue to live with dignity and independence.”

MOW staff members are doing the in-person wellness checks to discern a client’s “physical being, home environment and surroundings to ensure all is well” in conjunction with the once-a-week visit.

“The staff will check the elderly neighbors like normal during their once-a-week visit and the other checks throughout the week will happen via phone call,” Hockin-Boyd said. “This is a critical component offering a great assurance to the family members.”

Donations can be mailed to Meals on Wheels North Central Texas, 106 E Kilpatrick St., Cleburne, TX 76031, or dropped off at 1311 Ferris Ave., Suite C, Waxahachie. Donors are asked to call ahead at 888-869-6325. Online donations can be made at

For more information, visit with Hockin-Boyd at the phone number above or via email at

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