It is hard to remember the last time I felt like seeing a movie starring Will Smith a good choice. Smith’s latest film, “Gemini Man,” is not the worst choice to make at the theater but it still leaves much to be desired from its bland and uninspiring storyline.

Smith takes on the role of Henry Brogan, who is a hitman for an intelligence agency. After years of faithful service, Brogan can’t stomach the work any longer. He is looking to retire to a quiet life to enjoy some fishing and find some inner peace.  

Brogan’s plans are dashed after his agency works to kill him. He soon finds out that one of the hired assassins is a younger clone of himself. With this new information, Brogan works to stop the man behind the cloning program before any more damage is done.

Walking out of the theater, the impression I had of “Gemini Man” was of a film that was nothing too special. The elements of great action movies like gunfights and vehicle chases were incorporated into its storyline but they were not well executed nor fully thought out. It seemed like filmmakers picked up the “Action Movies for Dummies” book to draft their narrative and direct the action.

The plot in this movie was very predictable, following an A to B to C model with no unique twists and turns or surprises for the audience to enjoy as the story unfolded before them. That surprise is what keeps the audience coming back to theaters year after year.

In the past, moviegoers just had to stomach what the studios put out and realize they were going to see a lemon now and then. Now, the traditional model of how a movie is viewed is being put to the test with streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. If more movies like “Gemini Man” are produced, the audience will turn to the comfort of their living room rather than make the journey out to a theater.

Another glaring problem with this movie was the overuse and quality of its digital animation. Smith provides the voice for the clone Junior, whose appearance seems very realistic at times but, at other times, felt like I was watching something made using technology from 10-15 years ago. This flaw appears throughout “Gemini Man” but takes center stage in the film’s major action sequence, the motorbike chase. Often the chase felt cartoonish as the two characters sped through the streets firing their guns at each other.

“Gemini Man” is a movie I would not see again. However, if you are looking to kill a few hours, this film will do that. Otherwise, “Gemini Man” is one to skip when you’re picking out a film at the box office. I give this movie five stars out of 10.

“Gemini Man” is rated PG-13 for violence and action throughout, and brief and strong language. It runs for 117 minutes.

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