For Midlothian actor Todd Terry, the starring role in the new Amazon Prime series “Vindication” has given him the chance to share his faith and passion for acting with a worldwide audience. Vindication is a new faith-based crime drama that follows Terry’s character, Detective Travis. As Travis investigates crimes, he sees how God works in each situation.

“It is not your traditional crime drama,” Terry told the Sun. “They have what is called procedural crime dramas like ‘Law and Order’ that investigate a specific crime. What is neat about this is it has a faith message to it.

“It is not gratuitous but, at the same time, it deals with heavy subject matter that you would see in a crime drama,” he said. “It also has the family element to it.”

Despite its subject matter, Terry said “Vindication” is “not a series where you have to worry about the content a person’s children will see on the screen. It’s something that everyone in the house can get plugged into and enjoy.”

Originally, “Vindication” was not planned to be a television series. Created as a short film and directed by Jarod O’Flaherty, it was released at several festivals, including The Attic Film Festival in Austin in 2016. While attending the Christian Media Association, Terry met O’Flaherty. Along with directing, O’Flaherty is a writer on the project.

“I was there talking about another film that I had done,” Terry said. “We just talked and he (O’Flaherty) said, ‘Do you want to be a part of this?’ and I said, ‘yes.’ I have a definite heart for Christian film and television.

“There is not much Christian television but I am really happy that there is something like this available that people can watch and be entertained and not worry about content,” Terry said. “The feedback has been great. I think that on Amazon Prime we have more than 100 reviews. The majority of those reviews are very positive.”

The series was done over the past several years. It is broken down into 10 episodes that run about 30 minutes each. His wife, Anna Terry, and son, Austin Terry, appear in the show as well.

Another familiar face in the series is Waxahachie actor Sam Chance. His character is seen being interrogated by Detective Travis in episode 10.

Having the faith-based atmosphere on and off-screen drove the production and has made it successful, Chance said, noting that working with everyone was a rewarding experience.

“Just his vision and watching him direct was super cool,” Chance said of Flaherty. “[And] to be on set with Todd was great. I have known Todd for four or five years now.”

Chance had met Terry when his agent suggested he use him to tape his auditions.

“Todd has been a huge impact on my career because, every time I go to tape an audition, he coaches me,” Chance said. “I learn something new every time I work with him.”

Having seen the viewer response to the series, Chance said he’s excited to see what the future holds for “Vindication.”

To prepare for his role, Terry attended the Midlothian Citizen’s Police Academy and did a ride-along with a friend of his who is an Irving Police officer.

“My character is a person that is on the fence (faith-wise) but his wife is a strong believer in the family,” Terry said. “I think that my guy has seen so much in his line of work that he has been jaded and is in need of God.

“As far as how I relate to this guy, he is searching for the truth and that is something that has been a key aspect of my life – and finding that truth through my relationship in Jesus Christ,” Terry said.

The series is being promoted right now and Terry encourages people to watch.

“It was not done on a super large budget like some of these shows but it has got great writing,” Terry said. “We feel like we have got a good show. We are hoping for a second season.”

For more information about the show, search “Vindication” on Facebook or go to its website at The series can be streamed for free by Amazon Prime members but can also be purchased to watch without a membership.

To watch the series, go

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