Ellis Republican Women will convene at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15, at the WoodmenLife building, 610 Water St. in Waxahachie. The program, “Believing Restoration Is Attainable,” will be presented by executive director Sharon Verigan.

“Twelve years ago I lost my father,” Verigan shared. “He was a rock in my life, his sudden passing shattered my world. The strength to go on came from my faith and majorly from having the support of good friends-who encouraged me to go to grief share counseling and to keep on learning how to live a full life.”

At the same time, Verigan said she became more aware of the losses experienced by many of her friends, ranging from divorce to the unexpected loss of their spouse.

“Ladies were struggling to maintain friendships,” Verigan said. “(They were) financially strapped, emotionally deplete. They had no one to come beside them and uplift them, no one who would make them feel supported.”

This led to Verigan founding the nonprofit organization, Believing Restoration Is Attainable, also known as BRA.

“BRA is here to support the ladies,” Verigan said. “We have an online support group where questions can be asked, needs can be voiced, prayer requests can be spoken and those that have walked or are currently walking the journey can answer.”

BRA hosts monthly birthday parties so no one feels alone during their birthday month, she said, noting that the organization also provides transition assistance to help pay for emergency expenses such as groceries, car repairs, utility payments and counseling for moms and children who are experiencing trauma.

Another activity of BRA is its assistance during the holiday season with Thanksgiving boxes of food and a Christmas party with Santa and gifts.

The community is invited to attend and hear Verigan’s program. For more information about BRA, visit its website at

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