Chautauqua upgrades

Roof work on the ticket/concession booth has been completed. Part of the structure is being converted into restrooms.


Work continues at the Chautauqua Auditorium as needed improvements to increase the event venue’s viability for community gatherings are made. Construction workers have converted part of the existing ticket booth and concession stands into a new restroom and new audio-visual equipment has been installed inside the historic structure. 

“The ticket booth and concession stand are getting a facelift from the outside and the inside with a new roof,” assistant parks and recreation director Gumaro Martinez told the Sun. “On the inside, we are adding a men’s and women’s bathroom. We found out that we had ample enough space in there to do that and maintain half of the ticket booth for the concession area. 

“Prior to that, they had to go down into Getzendaner Park and use the big bathroom but now, with this renovation we are doing, they will have bathrooms right next to the Chautauqua. So that will be a great addition.”

Work on the ticket booth’s roof is completed and the interior renovations are about 50-percent done, with the project expected to be completed in the next six to eight weeks. The project cost for the new roof, interior renovations, a small sewer lift station and plumbing is projected to come in at $75,000 to $100,000.

The audio-visual upgrades completed inside of the auditorium include a new projector, projector screen, sound system and mixing board. 

Parks and recreation director John Smith said the improvements were identified as the city has rented and used the facility for performance-type events. 

“As we were targeting more performance-type events, like our film and music events, there was more request for a type of audio-visual component,” Smith said. “It is not just stage events. We want to be able to show movies and have a video screen. 

“With (city director of communication and marketing) Amy Border’s help, we were able to devise a plan and hire a contractor and get things installed,” he said, noting that the new system was tested this week and “worked flawlessly.” 

The cost on the audio-visual project, including installation, was about $27,000.

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