The Dove’s Nest at 105 W. Jefferson in downtown Waxahachie will host a book signing for R.G. Huff’s new work, “Hymn Lines,” from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 7.

Recently published on Amazon, “Hymn Lines” is a compilation of “75 devotional thoughts based on lines and phrases from great hymns and songs of the Christian faith” according to the book’s cover.

The 75 musings are taken from more than 500 similar essays Huff has shared on his Hymn Lines blog over the past eight years. Each entry is one-page to a-page-and-a-half long and are designed for personal devotional times, especially geared toward those who love the great hymns of the Protestant church.

Huff, who now lives in Waxahachie, served as minister of music at First Baptist Church downtown from 1978 until 1986. He and his wife, Carlita, moved back to Waxahachie, her hometown, following his retirement from full-time local-church ministry.

Huff is a published hymn writer and anthem-text writer, teaches in the School of Fine Arts at Dallas Baptist University and is the artistic director for Waxahachie’s Old Fashioned Singing Project.

Copies of “Hymn Lines” may be purchased now at The Dove’s Nest, with the book also available the day of the book signing.

“It seems like The Dove’s Nest is the perfect place to sell my booksbecause it is very much in keeping with their product line and it has two birds on the front cover,” Huff said. “They’re sparrows but there’s a connection. I’m delighted that Cindy Burch has agreed to make them available there.”

For more information, visit The Dove’s Nest website or Facebook page.

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