A number of Scarborough Renaissance Festival artisans are taking advantage of the extended off-season (due to the cancellation of the 2020 season) to enhance existing shoppes and build some amazing new ones in the Village of Scarborough.  

The preparations are in advance of what will be Scarborough’s 40th season, slated for April 10-May 31, 2021.

Long time artisan Leigh Ann Thompson has had a fanciful structure built to showcase her Fairy Haven shoppe and its assortment of fairy wings and accessories. The new shoppe in the festival’s Holly Field section has many twists and turns and looks as if it were plucked from a hidden fairy realm deep in the forest.

The Pecan Grove section of the festival is now home to the beautiful, Renaissance-style Wood, Willow & Whatknots shoppe. Shoppe owners and artisans, Liza and Jerry Sullivan, designed and built this open, airy and inviting shoppe with the assistance of master craftsman, Jim Bynum. The Sullivans are new artisans to the Village of Scarborough but have spent many years honing their artisan skills and can’t wait to introduce their shoppe and incredible wood burnt creations, beaded jewelry and custom oils and incenses to visitors in the spring.

There are a number of other shoppes that have undergone major enhancements or even complete rebuilds in anticipation of the festival’s 40th season, including Crysalis Hammocks and Angel Sword. In addition, the festival has completely redesigned and rebuilt its Lady Hawke stage area.

Visitors to Scarborough Renaissance Festival are in for a treat when they discover the new and renovated shoppes, stage and other surprises throughout the site beginning with the spring 2021.

For more information, visit SRFestival.com or SRFestival on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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