Waxahachie resident Heidi Phillips recently sat down for a visit with the Sun to talk about a fun group she formed on Facebook on May 15 after coming up with the idea in April.

As of this week, Waxahachie Art Stash & Dash already has close to 600 members as members engage in an activity similar to a scavenger hunt.

“I came up with this after a friend of mine in Austin had started one,” she said. “I thought we could do this in Waxahachie as a way for people to have fun during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

It was also a way for her to honor her grandmother, Doris Phillips, who was murdered in 2006.

“My grandmother was an artist and I started this in her memory,” she said.

Stash & Dash is something artists and participants can do every day on their own, she said, noting that it was originally set up for artists but children began participating as well early on.

Phillips, mom of 8-year-old Caden, loves playing games with her son and gets so much joy seeing families having fun playing Stash & Dash.

“The kids enjoy playing this as much as the adults do,” she said. “I am very surprised at the success of this and that many artists participate. I am blessed that this has taken off. Families have come together. I’m so excited that it promotes local artists.”

After living in Greenville for a while, Phillips’ family moved to Waxahachie in 2006. She was a homeschool graduate in 2006 while her brother and sister graduated from Waxahachie High School.

“Waxahachie is home,” she said. “I love it here.”

Growing up, she travelled all around the country as her parents, John and Carla Phillips, pastored at difference churches. They currently pastor at Palmer Assembly of God Church.

The family has deep roots in Waxahachie and Ellis County.

“My family has been in this area since the 1800s,” she said, noting that Stone Phillips, a Texas native and former host of NBC’s Dateline, is a distant relative and one of her father’s cousins.

As one who loves doing family activities, Phillips said she’s proud and joyful that “so many families” are enjoying playing Art Stash & Dash.

For more information, play directions and recent activities, visit the official page on Facebook: Waxahachie Art Stash & Dash.

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