Drones are a new platform that expands a business’s message skyward. Maverick Drone and Photography Services works with clients to create photos and videos for professional and commercial use. 

Owner and drone pilot Wes Flanagan got into aerial photography after working with his wife, who is a real estate agent, to take photos of her listings. Drones enhanced the appearance of the homes, allowing potential buyers to see the entire property. 

“With real estate, it enables you to get different views that you can’t get with a regular camera that is at ground level,” Flanagan said. “Some of the properties are on pads and you can’t get a good angle, but you can go up 10 or 12 feet and get that perfect angle on the property. Then you can get higher up for all sorts of aerial footage.”

With aerial videos and photos, a property presents a better package to a buyer as it allows them to get a feel for the area. Even small details, like the contour of the ground, can be seen, Flanagan said. 

When drones first came out on the consumer market, the image quality wasn’t that good, he said, noting that, now, the camera technology has caught up with the aerial platform, giving the user sharp photos and videos. 

The Waxahachie-based company’s website lists services including aerial videos and photography for businesses, film, weddings and real estate. It also provides services for agriculture, such as an aerial scan of a producer’s farm, and industrial uses such as cell phone tower inspections.

Maverick Drone’s service prices depend on the project the client has in mind, including the size of the property and the square footage of the homes. Project pricing starts at $150. A standard house takes about 45 minutes to complete with interior, exterior and aerial pictures.

“We offer the standard real estate shoots,” Flanagan said. “We offer roof inspections with our forward-looking infrared equipment. With this equipment, you can tell in the roof where there is moisture by the different temperature color.”

Maverick Drone chief sales executive Larry Fogle shared Flanagan’s thoughts about the drone’s capability. 

“With roof inspections, a lot of these roofs have a really good pitch,” Fogle said. “A lot of inspectors, it is going to be kind of hard for them to be able to go out there and do it, even to see the strikes from the hail. With this drone’s camera and the quality of the pictures, you can see the strikes of the hail and get a good close up view of it.”

Flanagan said the company also works with builders to document the progress of their projects. As an example, Maverick Drone is documenting several development sites every two weeks for builders in Ennis and Lancaster. 

Flanagan is a certified drone pilot through the Federal Aviation Administration. The drones he uses feature safety parachutes that would deploy in the event of equipment failure. 

In the future, the company looks to expand its services to aid area first responders.

“We are working with some of the small agencies discussing it to see if it is something that they can afford,” Flanagan said. “We are trying to help the community but give them the service at the same time.”

For more information about Maverick Drone and Photography Services, visit its website at www.maverickdroneservices.com or search for them on Facebook. Staff can be reached at 972-762-1840 or by email at maverickdroneservices@gmail.com.

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